About Best Case Scenario

You’re on a cruise off the coast of Myrtle Beachabout 6 miles out from Dixie Stampedewhen the ship blows a gasket (does that happen with ships?) and goes down. There’s one spot left on the lifeboat, and the only other person in line knows the cure for cancer, so you give it to her.

You swim to the nearest strip of land in sight. All you’ve managed to salvage is a Bennigan’s coupon, your dad’s transition lenses, and your third generation iPod loaded with decades of music you’ve forgotten about because music streaming is a thing now and you’ve been listening to “No Hands” on Apple Music for the last year. (You brought the iPod because you were worried about cruise wi-fi reception. Thank God.) This blog will help you sift through the noise and find the MUSIC, man.

And occasionally, you’re able to pick up some radio waves from a local radio station. We’ll help you navigate those wavy waters from time to time, too.


Philosophy & Rules

You’re already getting music advice from ten different mammoth websites, run by full-time staffers who are paid to find what’s new, what’s hot, what everyone’s talking about. We're two midwest guys with jobs elsewhere. So instead of trying to compete with those websites and doing a poor job of it, we are going to focus our efforts on the vast multitude of songs that are already out there, poised for resurrection.


  1. All of our lists are comprised entirely of music released prior to this blog’s kick off date (May 25th, 2016). We reserve the right to chime in with entries about shows or new music, but our bread-and-butter will be blasts from the distant and recent past.

  2. Playlists will have ten songs each and we’ll post them on Wednesdays. When your “Spotify Discover Weekly” playlist gets stale, we’ll take you to the weekend. We also reserve the right to extend the number of songs for special occasions.

  3. We aren’t going to limit ourselves to any one genre, and you’ll hopefully see a little bit of everything (although we’re sure you’ll see our biases come through). Implicit in this--we’ll never say that any one type of music is better than another (. . . although we’re sure you’ll see our biases come through).

  4. Our goal is to mine alllll that good stuff already out there, and part of that goal is learning from YOU. We want this to be a place to talk and to grow in both musical wisdom and stature. Comments, feedback, and suggestions are encouraged and loved, so hit us up online or off.  

  5. We’ll also host guest lists and reviews! Connecting people and facilitating good music sharing is an end in itself.

  6. People are powerful in the moment. Because we believe this, we want this blog to be as true to life as possible. The closer our contributors’ posts reflect their current taste NOW, the more their individuality and viewpoint shine through. We call this a real-time posting ethicall you have RIGHT NOW is all you need RIGHT NOW. If you’re writing for us, post now and learn along the way!