NBW Series: Somber Things by Steve Hendrickson

Yo. Welcome to the next guest in the fabled NBW Series here at Best Case list. One of the joys of writing this blog is getting to write about friends and sharing playlists from people we look up to. One of the good people we're proud to know is Steve. A passionate appreciator of the world and people around him. A knower of his community. An expert on music and an encyclopedic mind of all the songs you grew up listening to, and contemporary music in general. A vulnerable and loyal friend. An ass beater when he wants to be (see for yourselves). An honest and open man. While I don't know Steve as well as I'd like to, Steve is one of those people you feel you know right away. That anyone who spends significant time with him would say he's had a huge influence on their life speaks to the person Steve is. 

Steve is the vocalist for Goosebumps, who I had the pleasure of attending their first show this week. Steve also runs merch and tours with Church Tongue. If you'll take a trip down memory lane, you'll remember us talking about Church Tongue's new record, Heart Failure, and it's release a couple weeks ago. The record is HOT and you should pick it up. You can do so HERE. It will make many year end lists. (For details about the album, and a killer chill list from Church Tongue guitarist Chris Sawicki, head to this link here.)

Thanks Steve!

Art by the very talented  Isaac Harris . If you're in Columbus, go to the  Lokal  Outpost at  STUMP  on Sundays and hope to run into him. Also get some great coffee. 

Art by the very talented Isaac Harris. If you're in Columbus, go to the Lokal Outpost at STUMP on Sundays and hope to run into him. Also get some great coffee. 

By Steve Hendrickson:

I had a difficult time picking the songs for this playlist because when I started I didn’t have a direction in mind. I just knew that I wanted to showcase all of my favorite bands and what they can create. While all of these songs put off a sad vibe, I feel like a lot of them are very thought provoking. I suggest listening to all of the different parts of the songs instead of just one specific focal point. I even suggest reading along to the lyrics while listening to the songs. Most of the bands on this playlist have helped me out through different hardships with life and have helped me grow a lot as a person. I hope that you enjoy these songs and might even learn something from them.


  1. To Whom It May Concern - Underoath
  2. Family Tradition - Senses Fail
  3. Weight Of The World - Misery Signals
  4. I'll Get By - Pianos Become The Teeth
  5. Awful Things - From Indian Lakes
  6. A Recluse (On 8mm Film) - Gatherers 
  7. All I Need - Radiohead
  8. Maybe We're Meant To Be Alone - Bad Suns
  9. Travel Hymn - Circa Survive
  10. I Am Wrong - PM Today

Apple Music playlist link here.