Summer Fun

No matter when they actually happened, we tend to associate some of our best memories with the summers of our youth. Whether it’s that time you went without showering for 19 days, your first-date kiss in the back of a Cineplex, or eating a bowl of Kix before a trip to the lake, young life’s highest highs and crushingly emotional lows become intertwined with the lengthening of days and the blithe disposition of summer. 

Less obligation means everything seems to rotate around how you’re feeling, and those feelings were amplified in the late nights and balmy weather. Fun things became euphoric. Hurt became heartache. Life fell into a deep saturation, took on a cinematic tone. You were an unseen camera watching yourself grow up.

Our first list seeks to capture that energy—both the unhinged excitement and the grey space of learning along the way. Let us know what ya think or if other tracks come to mind!

Art by  Chris Baker  

Art by Chris Baker 


  1. Fireworks - Animal Collective
  2. The House That Heaven Built - Japandroids
  3. Age of Consent - New Order
  4. Stay Alive - The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
  5. California Nights - Best Coast
  6. Close To Me - The Cure
  7. Anyone / Anything - Touché Amoré
  8. Make-Out Music - 12 Rods
  9. Rocket - The Smashing Pumpkins
  10. There Is a Light That Never Goes Out - Dum Dum Girls