NBW Series: The Conflict by Brianna Hunt

Next up in the NBW Series is Brianna Hunt, the voice behind solo project Many Rooms. Bri's music is packed full of honesty and vulnerability, and it doesn't take much time around her to realize that's just who she is. I knew I wanted to be friends with Bri the first time I met her. She wrote us a sad playlist, and it's one of the most excited we've been to share. The irony of this playlist is that Bri's music would find a perfect home here, and would probably be one of your favorite songs on the list.

Go check out Many Rooms' latest release, Hollow Body, and get sad for this list. 

Art by Bri, taken while on a hike. 

Art by Bri, taken while on a hike. 

By Brianna Hunt:

If 21 years of my life so far were condensed into a two hour movie, these songs would mark the pivotal points of change in my growth, AKA, "The Conflict." They're all sad because I think I might be a little masochistic but also I think there's probably a scientific study proven that sad songs make you feel better; either way I cry anytime I hear any of these songs, no matter where I am or what I'm doing. Thankfully they all compliment each other!


  1. Let's Talk About Your Hair - Have Mercy
  2. Contact - As Cities Burn
  3. The Widow - As Cities Burn
  4. Even If We Try - Night Beds
  5. Dorm Room - Bloom
  6. The Bells - From Indian Lakes
  7. Let Me Go - All Get Out
  8. Come And Gone - All Get Out
  9. The Darkest Side - The Middle East
  10. Chin Up - Copeland
  11. Erase - Copeland
  12. Yellow Love - Citizen

And here's the Apple Music link.