This evening, we're basking in electronic music. The songs here have at least a faint electronic breath to them, or are songs that are wholly devoted to innovation in polyrythmic music and dance. We're taking a break from the long-from intros to bring you a quick list of places that we've found inspiration lately. Enjoy this quiet Friday night.

Sources of Recent Inspiration: 

When the morning sun lights up Milwaukee Ave, making it look like the Yellow Brick Road piercing the heart of Oz.

Finding old, old writing and bringing it back to life with the spark of experience.

Sizzling mirepoix in a dutch oven.

Georgia O’Keeffe’s home in Abiquiu, New Mexico. I can’t tell if I’m more set ablaze by the simple utility of the inside decor, or the way that the outside of the structure blends into and sets itself apart against the austere beauty of the red rock landscape, like a deadly scorpion’s exoskeleton that you notice right before stepping on it.   

Four note basslines. "Evil." "Out of the Blue (My My, Hey Hey)." "I Bleed."      

Candles that make it smell like you're outside.

My Bay Laurel.

Big Boi referencing “Syrup” by Three6 Mafia in his verse in “Trans DF Express by the Dungeon Family. 

“The moment you get comfortable at a party is when you stop being funny,” Jerry Seinfeld to Garry Shandling, during a period of Garry's life when writing wasn’t coming naturally to him.

After saying “educate educate educate” while grocery shopping, I laughed at my own joke and wondered if Austin would get my joke. A few hours later on that very same Saturday, I was listening to “Here’s My Number, So Call Me Ishmael,” and Austin said “levitate, levitate, levitate” in the episode I was listening to.

I discovered a new birthmark on the back of my thigh.

Bollingen Tower, the house that Carl Jung built in the middle of the Swiss woods and flush up against Lake Zurich. The tower became his spiritual refuge, and he spent time there each year inscribing things on stones and taking his boat around the lake. The story is that he hit a snag while writing a book about the psyche, so he put down the pen and picked up a masonry trowel, deciding take a break by building the house. When the house was completed, he was able to see the psyche in a new way and finished the book. He was 47 and as an already accomplished psychologist still had writer’s block. As the totem of creativity that helped Jung push through a block of the imagination, the house is a physical representation of Jung’s creative process. And tying the physical structure to a symbol of the mind even more, he built the house so that the structure mirrors his understanding of the human psyche, making the house an actual map of the mind. Here’s one stone he inscribed, blending together lots of things to tell the story of the tower. I see the story of regeneration in this stone.

Art by Ryan Shaffer

Art by Ryan Shaffer


  1. It All Feels Right - Washed Out
  2. Youth (DAY) - Oohyo
  3. jasmine (demo) - Jai Paul
  4. Obvious Love - Teen Suicide
  5. Your Silent Face - New Order
  6. Feel Flows - The Beach Boys
  7. Since I Left You - The Avalanches
  8. Home - LCD Soundsystem
  9. Hyacinth House - The Doors
  10. Take Me - Sisyphus
  11. I'm Fine - Hazel English
  12. Bunker Soldiers - Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark
  13. Cycle - Teen Daze
  14. Salt - Alex g
  15. She Just Likes to Fight - Four Tet

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