March 4, 2018

March 4 will always be my favorite day. Not because it was smooth—it was actually quite flawed.

But when we left the venue together, I’d never felt more free. It set in that I get to spend the rest of my life with my favorite person, being fully myself.

We may not have felt close that day. And we’d probably appreciate our honeymoon so much more if we could do it over again now. I’m not sure what I thought marriage would be like. I had a lot of opinions about what a good marriage is, and none of them looked like this.

But in a weird way, all of my opinions looked like this. Our marriage is more than I could imagine. It’s funny how time reveals more than you could ever learn about marriage while also doing nothing at all.

Here’s a little place to look back, no matter how much time passes. Here’s to us.






Wedding Playlist

Groomsmen entrance: “Godspeed” by Frank Ocean
Bridesmaids entrance: “Everything All At Once” by Local Natives
Sara walk: “Sinking Deep” by Hillsong
For the first time ever: “Gimmie Love” by Carly Rae Jepsen

Bridal party entrance: “Good Life” by Kanye West
Jeff and Sara dance: “The Wonder of You” by Elvis Presley
Kelli and Nate dance: “Blessed” by Elton John
First dance: “Downtown” by Majical Cloudz

Cocktail Hour
Cocktail hour songs: The rest!