Black Birthday

By Nate:

I made a playlist and wrote some bad poetry for my birthday. 

Wanted to run my hands through your hair
because it was redder than mine. Thicker.
You lied about smashing the bird eggs in the
front lawn and I worried you only drank the
black in my well and not the water.  
But you didn't care I saw the rock you used, 
you just wanted to sit with me.
To swim with me in our neighbor’s pool and
lift the go-cart from the mud.
I cried on my ninth birthday because Chuckie
got his gifts first. His dad took us on a search for
a shiny Mankey and some airheads to
distract me from my own puffy cheeks.
On your ninth birthday, you sat at the table, older, 
starfish cake, shirt off, poking friends, comparing
your strong voice to my soft one. Touching my face.
So I’ll wear your shoes and chase your cat because
you always showed me how to kiss the earth.

At Chewy's. 

At Chewy's. 


  1. Dark Center Of The Universe - Modest Mouse 
  2. Harvey - Alex g
  3. Redford (For Yia-Yia and Pappou) - Sufjan Stevens
  4. Vito's Ordination Song - Sufjan Stevens
  5. Seven A.M. - The Blue Nile
  6. Separator - Radiohead
  7. This Must Be The Place - Talking Heads
  8. To Binge - Gorillaz ft. Little Dragon
  9. No More Runnin - Animal Collective 
  10. Armchairs - Andrew Bird

Apple link here, dog. Love you all.